Saturday, September 26, 2015

ENGINEERED SUFFERING: How Religion Makes Misery

The Daily Beast (01/07/2009)
Efforts to curb AIDS in Africa with science and condoms are sabotaged by abstinence-only efforts.
The New York Times (10/31/2011)
Envorinmental groups promote condom use to rais awareness of overpopulation in relation to Climate Change
Rapid City Journal
Health officials in South Dakota finally admit that Abstinence-Only sex education is a failure.
Opinion piece arguing in favor of lifting the Catholic Church's 50-year-old ban on oral contraception.
African Bishops claim that the production and distribution of condoms is a new form of imperialism and slavery.
An Illinois county faces new challenges as grants expire amid a convoluted state law that widely varies sex education in the state
Global Finance
Chart based on Gross Domestic Product Per Capita 2009-2013
Church Militant
"There are forms of ideological colonization which are out to destroy the family"
Vermillion Plain Talk
Chris Cagle, associate director for the CDC was the first Farber Forum guest lectured on Wednesday. Cagle spoke on the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and what can be done to slow the spread of the disease.
The Daily Nebraskan
An in-depth description of one university's sexual health program.
Huffington Post
The Pope's unwavering support of policies that promote overpopulation, poverty and disease.
Westside Gazette
A major oversight of public health communication.
The toll that religion is taking on the world is almost immeasurable, but the cause is rather simple. Not just a lack of proper education, but a deliberate suppression of education and the spread of misinformation that perpetuates a state of dependence on the charity of the church.

Advances in technology related to food production and health care contributed greatly to population growth, but literacy and education should offset the population growth against the availability of resources such as water.

Without the propaganda of human suffering, the contributions to religious charitable organizations would dry up. Charity Navigator shows the growth of charitable organizations as a firewall solution against population growth. It's also a good resource to find the right charitable organization, as some charitable organizations are problematic. The long renowned Red Cross had its own problem with Haiti.

For more information about population, see Population Connection.

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