Saturday, July 17, 2021

Atheists are a Different Species

 When I came out as atheist back in 2003 I thought I could use logic to evangelize the great relief of shedding the repressive shroud of religiosity. It didn't end well. There was nothing but frustration and confusion. I couldn't understand why folks couldn't absorb the logic and draw reasonable conclusions to free themselves from their cults.

Since then I have buried myself in the study of the psychology and neurology of human behavior. This was years before Donald Trump ran for president in 2016. If it wasn't for him, I would not have seen the veneer of our society peeled away with such violence to expose what I am now convinced is a major stage in human evolution.

There are two human species occupying the same space at this time. This happened before when Neanderthals coexisted with humans "between 41,030 to 39,260 years ago" for more than 5,000 years.

Back then there was a specific adaptation that must have been refused by the Neanderthals that caused them to disappear in a puff of smoke. Of course this is not the case, over the period of 5,000 years they eventually passed on their genetics by some interbreeding with homo sapiens, but the Neanderthal way of life did result in their demise in a notably short period of time.

I will have to add to my to-do list, researching anthropologists findings on the survival strategy disparity between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens.

Today, we have two separate species of humans, but there is no overt physical difference because the industrial revolution has standardized the nutrients made available for consumption by everyone. What we must rely on is the differences in cognitive capacity.

  • Tribalism between separate Christian denominations despite Christ's teachings of unity.
  • Suspended emotional development. Personality disorders such as 
    • Narcissism
    • Histrionics
    • Borderline
  • Deference to a parent figure for major life decisions.
  • Low awareness in the following categories:
    • Self emotional awareness
    • Situational awareness of the immediate environment.
  • Incapable of abstract reasoning:
    • Long-term consequences of decisions.
    • Wider degrees of the effects of decisions.
  • A complete rejection of reality.
    • Calling facts "fake."
  • Susceptibility to deception
    • Gullible, easily conned into handing over possessions and wealth.
    • Willing to do anything to appear loyal the group or leader.
      • Performing rituals or acts in order to appeal to the group or leader.
      • Willing to police the morality within the group, looking for traitors who failed to perfectly perform the rituals of the group.
  • Competition
    • Who is the best dressed for church.
    • Who can demonstrate the most morality.
    • Who is the best singer of hymns.
    • Who lives the purest life according to the dogma.
Atheists need none of this.

The best possible option for atheists in this situation is to simply leave them to their own devices. Do not enable them. Do not cooperate. Do not try to argue with them. It won't work. They will destroy themselves in their refusal to accept issues like Climate Change, Coronavirus and pollution of the oceans.