Why Atheism?

I have family members near and distant who are Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic, Southern Baptist, Jewish and Quaker. I attended Trinity Lutheran school too. I attended a Presbyterian church and Sunday school until I was about 14 years old. I played along to fit in, but I was just not feeling it.

My life has a constant noise in the background which prevents me from fully immersing or investing myself emotionally in beliefs. I was diagnosed with chronic anxiety. My brain was wired in a way which wouldn't allow me to easily feel the full effects of dopamine, in other words I can't experience the kind of euphoria other people feel, which they describe as "spiritual."

I cannot be persuaded by anyone's opinion. I can only be persuaded by tangible evidence. I can't even listen to music anymore. It makes me feel like I'm missing out on something important for which I should remain constantly alert.

My anxiety did not diminish my sense of empathy and fairness toward other people or make me a sociopath.

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