Thursday, October 3, 2013

It Is a Duck!

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc., then it's a duck. Another word describing qualifications for being a duck is Criteria. Criteria is defined as "a principal or standard by which something may be judged or decided."

Who gets to decide the criteria that defines everything we encounter in our lives every day, religion or science? You cannot have both. Why is religion at odds with science? Why does religion consistently ignore the outcomes of actual physical conditions that result from scientific experiments and observations of nature that show the age of fossils and climate change? Religious doctrine clearly states their stand on reality and members cannot deny their laws by cherry-picking concessions. They cherry-pick concessions to outsiders all the time as a means of deception (Taqiyya).

It doesn't seem to make sense unless you reverse engineer the process of affinity-seeking behavior in people. The subliminal distortion of innocuous information in our every day lives is a constant effort to herd us into the control of one organization or another.

If you raised a child without ever mentioning the subject of religion, but everything you taught that child was based on religious doctrine (whether you knew it or not), when that child reaches adulthood, he or she will most likely seek similar-minded individuals who will eventually seek an establishment where they feel most comfortable. A political or religious organization.

Our education is a rat's maze with invisible walls, guiding us by conditioning how we define and value everything we sense, ultimately guiding us to organizations that enslave us.

Many psychologists refer to it as "Reality Construction." The invisible walls are made up of the smallest every-day mental constructs such as specific words, clothing styles, activities, entertainment and even architecture; efficiently assigning emotions of fear or comfort as a mental cattle-prod along the path. The strongest fear we have is the unknown, but that's only when we recognize a path toward the unknown. Instinctively we turn away.

Religion is the progenitor of laws for human civilization. The original contributor to creating an invisible mental wall of superstition and subjective reality that differs from objective reality, or just plain reality. You and all of your ancestors were controlled into following a path throughout your whole life that benefits those who control you, more than it benefits you personally.

Try to imagine what you don't know. You know there are things of which you have no clue. There are side-streets you pass on the way to work you will never see your whole life. I wish I knew what the billionaire bankers know. I'm not going to delude myself into thinking money can buy happiness because happiness has nothing to do with money. Money buys comfort. You are born with your level of happiness, it's genetic. Who ever told us that money can't buy happiness was in reality trying to dissuade us from the pursuit of money.

Rule-of-thumb: Doctrine created to dissuade you from a goal was created by those competing directly for the same goal.

The first step to breaking down the mental barriers is recognizing the barriers. First recognize who controls the flow of information to you and who conditioned your exploratory behavior: Consider along your growth from infancy to adulthood, the order in which you were exposed.

  • Parents
    • Mass Media
      • Television
        • News
        • Politics
        • Sports
        • Weather
      • Radio
      • Print
    • School
      • Sports
      • Creative activities
      • Friends
    • Church
      • Friends
      • Creative activities
      • Sports
    • Neighborhood
      • Friends
      • Creative activities
      • Sports
Then along came the Internet. After your limited exposure to the world through control by your parents, your school and your church, what do you know of the wider world beyond your socially constructed walls? Would you even know how to search beyond? Do you even have the vocabulary to look? How do you know for sure?

Try this exercise: Each day pick a letter from your alphabet and do an internet search with just the letter, but instead of starting from the top, randomly pick somewhere near the far end. Pick a word you never saw before, but instead of clicking on the link, test in with Google Correlate to see what pops up.

What worlds would be revealed by searching randomly with nonsensical letter and word combinations?

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