Saturday, November 14, 2015

David Vitter Still Seeking Redemption After All These Years

The Washington Post
Political Campaign ad for David Vitter Seeking redemption and votes in Louisiana
New York Magazine
Vitter's past is dogging his polling numbers.

Forward Progressives
After rumors of a love-child circulate, Vitter seems to think the Sheriff of Jefferson Parish is out to get him.
This site suggests that Vitter has a diaper fetish.

Mother Jones
The interview with an elleged prostitute may be suspect.

The Week (01/22/2014)
This article shows how little the NeoCons cared about Christian values. (BONUS: negative campaign video at the end)

The Times Picayune
The media doesn't want to let bygones be bygones.
Here's a bonus YouTube video clip of Rachel Maddow critiquing the Vitter campaign. It's out of sync, and it's an unofficial video so it might be taken down pretty soon because NBC News rolls that way, so here's the MSNBC link.for more
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