Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Road to Hell

The origins and interpretations of the phrase's meaning.

Madam Noire
"...some charities and for-profit clothing recyclers are engaging in a donated clothing war, with the latter looking to cut charities out as drop-off middlemen..."

Huffington Post
Food imports drove down the price of indigenous produce so much that local farmers lost their land.

Life Site News
Long-lasting contraception is great, but sex without a condom is still very dangerous for other reasons.

This is a lengthy interview, look for a link to the audio in the first paragraph.

Some organizations will make the poor jump through hoops before they get the food or clothing held up before them as donations.

Global Research
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As the old saying goes: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." It seems to be a derived from another saying "Hell is full of good wishes and desires. Heaven is full of good works."

Well this sounds familiar, no? How about praying for the victims of the French terror attacks? Getting on your knees and praying sounds like an excellent candidate for a good intention.

But it gets worse.

What you might think are actual good works, can go terribly wrong. Some works go wrong because they are not thought out very well. Other works go wrong intentionally because of a hidden economic agenda.

Here are some links in the box that may shed some light.
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