Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Organization

The organization is defined by its official bylaws, standards of behavior and mission statements. Most organizations require a regular proof of loyalty through specific recitations, acts or rituals by the group members according to the official documents. Members of the organization do not have the option to disregard any part of the bylaws or mission statements of the organization.

Organizations have legal rights in many countries to copyrights and trademarks to the exclusion of other organizations. One purpose of copyright and trademark regulation is to prevent deceptive practices by other organizations that could disparage the reputation of the original group or by deception divert money or other resources away from the original group.

Separation of Church and State in the United States has allowed the continuation of religious organizational anarchy, allowing sectarianism which would otherwise be a direct violation of copyright and trademark laws if these religious sects attempted to legally incorporate.

Because the laws of the states and the country allow for this kind of fragmentation of organized religion, the society over which the states and the country rule has become socially fragmented.

What Sam Harris and Bill Maher brought into focus over the last few weeks is that anyone claiming to be part of an organization is assumed to be adhering strictly to the bylaws, standards of behavior and mission statements of their organizations, which in this case is original religious texts.

According to the original religious texts, claimants to membership of these organizations are brutal savages, and must be brutal savages according to their own bylaws, standards of behavior, and mission statements, or else they should not call themselves members of these organizations.