Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Attempts to fracture the secular movement

I had my suspicions about the "Atheist+" movement and the attempts to discredit atheists as a class by insinuating a culture of sexual harassment because of events at a recent convention.

But now since a Psyops manual was published at The Intercept, the attempts by various groups to fracture the secular community became a little clearer. I couldn't understand why someone thought it necessary to splinter off into another group called Atheist+ when the arguments that allege their outstanding qualities from the rest of us are reasonable and practicable for everyone.

Someone thought they would be clever by using gender differences as an emotional fracture point to splinter the atheists movement, and unfortunately a few saw this coming and immediately jumped on a bandwagon decrying a need for a special atheist feminist movement.

These kinds of tactics shouldn't work on rational critical thinkers. As humans we still make decisions with our emotions and get pulled into debates by trolls from time-to-time, but always remember the evidence or lack thereof for any claim.