Monday, December 23, 2013

Special Holiday Message

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and now we celebrate the days getting longer again and the anticipation of Spring in the new year.

2014 will bring the final blow, the tipping point that brings rage from the cold and hungry. The cessation of unemployment benefits, cutting off food stamps, sequestration, austerity, harsher prison sentences for lesser offenses; these policies might finally get enough concerned citizens to vote in this mid-term election season, if they are allowed to vote.

The Brennan Center for Justice recently reported that laws putting harsher restrictions on voting were introduced in more than half of the United States. Laws have been introduced in several states since 2006. North Carolina was one such state. So giddy was one GOP official he couldn't keep his big mouth shut and got fired for his enthusiasm. 

Now leaving the Goodfellas-GOP metaphor for reality, if the voter turnout for the upcoming mid-term election is not improved because people aren't properly educated about the political system and are not afforded the time necessary to vote because they are afraid of losing their jobs, they will be motivated to violence this time when the election results don't match the demands of the vast majority of the population.

Democracy is majority rule. If you're not with the majority you have to suck it up and let them try it their way for a while. Don't be afraid to point out what's wrong with what they do; as long as you are honest and rational about it you could win them over to your side.

 It serves everybody's best interests to get everyone who should vote to vote. It's a nice country, it would be a shame if something were to happen to it.

If the upcoming midterm election has less of a turnout than the last, we are in for a full blown class war.

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