Tuesday, January 14, 2014


A few brain cells of mine are sparking. First I must try to articulate the idea by walking through a bunch of truisms and cliches.

There are two reasons to maintain irrational beliefs: Fear and Dominance. Rational people are the enemies of the fearful and the dominant, because the fearful don't comprehend rational people, and the dominant are threatened by rational ideas.

Rationality is Witchcraft to the fearful who find comfort in the simple words of the Dominant.

Rational people are a minority by design. They are vilified as nerds or geeks, etc. Anything associated with science in education is institutionally bullied by the financial disparity between academic and sports programs and marginally beneficial employment curriculum.

I suggest that the majority of the fearful are neurologically incapable of reaching beyond dogma into the world of pragmatism. They are literally bred into a majority through social engineering by the collective targets of every conspiracy theory, the elite who organized our social interaction from the beginning: Racists, "Ethnicists" (TM), Cultural and Subcultural Separatists, Classists, and every so-called "respected" individual who created a group identity that corralled people into arbitrary divisions.

The aforementioned divisions can all be subdivided into the Fearful and the Dominant because they are all under the influence of religion. The Rational minority among them are aberrations. Our successful evolution as a species cries out for cessation of any activities that enable the continuation of the Dominant and the Fearful.

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