Sunday, September 22, 2013

The myth of a separate church and state

The idea that religion is separate from politics is a lie. You can argue that it exists but that's not how human behavior works with regard to seeking affinity, seeking validation, operant conditioning, among many psychological scientific finding.

Just because someone thinks that political parties can have members from different religions is false propaganda designed to make religious influence on politics appear innocuous. Political party affiliation has always been in name only. Why?

Territories or congressional districts dominated by one religion or another find regulatory easement for their religious symbols and privileges on property supported by taxes paid by citizens who are not members of their religion. This fact alone debases the value of political parties such as Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc., as utter deceptions against the people.

Support of political parties must be immediately terminated until political parties openly admit that their policies are influenced directly by the policies of the religion that has the highest membership in the political party.

All political parties must submit for public view the exact numbers of its members affiliated with each religion.

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