Monday, July 30, 2012

The website is being remodeled and a rant about public education

Yes, the website is being remodeled. I finally have the time to work on it. The main thing is to get you connected to other atheist organizations and to let you know that you are not alone in non-belief.

Just to say one is a skeptic if religion is probably worse than political partisanship. If you are a member of a political party, you may as well consider yourself a cult member unless you have made yourself aware of Groupthink and trained your mind to avoid its pitfalls. Any more there is no doubt as to the lack of proof of God. Opening any religious document to engage in debate with believers is a distraction from the real cause behind the mental state that sets up belief systems: History.

 As the Atheist Insurgency grows it becomes clear that religion is grounded in unverifiable history and our efforts must target all historical claims and not just those of the supernatural. There are also several questions gradually developing:

1. How does teaching history affect the way people behave towards one-another?
2. Does learning history make you feel inferior to other people?
3. Does learning how poorly your ancestors were treated cause you to be distracted by emotions that interfere with your education and social advancement?
4. Can you apply anything you learned from history, or was most of the history you learned just hero worship that summarized the achievements of other people?
5. Were the achievements of historical figures portrayed as too extraordinary to be attempted by you, or did you learn exactly how things got done in those periods?

Do you see the pattern? Is history education modeled after religious teachings? It's clear that economic theory is religious in nature because you cannot apply most economic theories to real life with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. I tried but that's another conversation.

I'm outta here before I digress further.
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