Monday, January 3, 2011

The social veil

Conspiracy theorists suspect there is a "social veil" beyond which resides the true manipulators of western industrial culture.

The masses cannot see beyond the social veil, they only see that which they believe directly influences their lives.

What exactly is the social veil? The veil is made entirely of petty distractions. Distractions such as religion, sports, politics, home-making, lawn care, daily toil for someone else, competing for local social status, etc.

The veil must be maintained by constantly communicating messages that reinforce the values of these existing petty distractions.

The mass media can easily deny responsibility for reinforcing the social veil because they claim they merely provide the messages the audience wants to experience.

More responsibility belongs to certain media associated with early childhood development and education.

Mainly the early Dick and Jane books, using buses to move children to unfamiliar neighborhoods instead of improving the schools in the neighborhoods, history education about how certain cultures were conquered so we assume they are still below the status of their conquerors, the use of local property taxes to create an imbalance in education funding, employees getting recruited at local churches instead of local universities, etc.

Early conditioning stays with us, and our fear of the unknown and our programmed expectations of others are the strings by which we are controlled, from beyond the social veil.

History is full of lies, while science can be tested and proven true or false. They who call themselves "theologians" are well-versed in manipulation of the masses, like that revealed by Niccolo Machiavelli in his book The Prince.

However, theologians are merely the unwitting guards and cultivators of the social veil. They too are mere victims of its power because we are only as good as our limited choices allow.

How do we tear away the social veil? Stop believing.

Start questioning absolutely everything, like we did when we were young and we kept asking "Why?"
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