Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The fearless and the wicked

The wicked are fearless for they have no demons, no devils, no judging spirits, and nothing waiting for them in death to inflict eternal pain and suffering. This is not true about everyone who fears no god or demon. The truly evil are the ones who know how to use fear to control others, especially fear of Hell.

It is not they who know nothing of the existence of a soul or a god who are the wicked. The wicked are they who enslave pride, boldness, and skepticism in others with talk of devils, demons and eternal pain and suffering. The wicked are they who walk in the shadow of a jealous and angry myth, forcing open purse, wallet and entire estates with threats of damnation.

Wickedness is boundless in those who know enough of theology to act with impunity in lying to their followers about mystical creatures and terrifying places, fear mongering for their financial gain.

Fearlessness and skepticism is terrifying to those who require fear as a tool of control and financial gain, so they vilify the humanist, the skeptical, and atheists.

The truly evil guild the ceilings of their chambers with the gold from the teeth of their followers.
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