Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick thoughts on morality

I was in a discussion with a friend who complained that the Republicans who tout "Family Values" are still behaving contrary to Christianity. He listed some of the traits that define "Christian" as helpfulness and charity, which are contrary to the conservative belief of "absolute self-sufficiency, all others be damned."

He had a point. That contradiction is a glaring indication of deception and contempt for the public in general, and until just now I didn't think about it, instead I was focused on my friend's glowing accolades on Christianity.

I basically told him that "Christian," or any religious affiliation serves only as group identification. Group identification serves only to create boundaries, reinforce xenophobia, discriminate, marginalize, and motivate intra-organizational competition for status and power.


Morality can be defined as having the ability to put ones self in the position of someone else for the purpose of understanding their feelings regarding the consequences of ones own actions, having the capacity to distinguish the difference between a problem, and symptoms of problems, and having the ability to understand that one's actions have long-term consequences.

For example, crime is not a problem. Crime is a symptom. You must take the time to ask "Why?" One of the "W"s that journalists often ignore.