Thursday, April 26, 2007

Intelligent Design: The “Stargate” Hypothesis

Design requires intelligence. Intelligence requires life, therefore life designed can only be created by other life. Life denotes non-deity status. Therefore no gods exist.

The Stargate Hypothesis is based on the plot of the movie and the subsequent television series. Aliens enslaved early humans and kept them under control simply by bedazzling them with their technology.

This bedazzlement was easy enough to accomplish by the Spanish Conquistadors because the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, and Continental America were still using stone and bone tools. That, plus the Western European skin tone first impressed the natives because they revered whiteness with mysticism. Perhaps because of the clouds.

The simple association between colors that appear in the sky (rainbows, clouds, etc.) and the colors that clothed the Europeans was easily made at that time. One must consider that bright vivid colors could be seen or chipped from rock, but not actually created through chemistry. There may have been certain herbs that created some color, but nothing like that mastered by the Europeans who had access to the Silk Road trade.

The human mind was developing beyond the point at which nature allowed all other species to develop. The human mind was starving for new information and novel experiences. When a native first saw the sky reflected in a mirror he or she must have imagined that it was a hole instead of a reflection.

One wonders what the natives must have imagined when the Conquistadors used mirrors to direct the sunlight toward them. How often does the image appear in art, of a person holding a spherical object emanating rays of light? Or the image of an eye in the sky surrounded by rays of light?

I imagine that the tops of Egyptian pyramids were polished with gold-leaf, and that perhaps it worked to keep the population under control, at least for a little while. Someone should check to see where the sun’s light might have been reflected if indeed the tops of the pyramid in Giza were polished in such a way.

But to try to bring religion into intelligent design is just sheer stupidity.
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