Friday, March 25, 2016

Public Prayer vs Empathy Training

Matthew 6: 5-8
LA Times (Nov 6. 2013)
Christ was clear about how Christians should pray, but what about other religions?

Politicus USA
Jim Bakker apparently follows a religion other than Christianity.

WBAL Baltimore
What is the price for ignoring the teachings of Jesus Christ?
Who are these self-proclaimed Christians who keep demanding prayer in public anywhere?

Other religions might allow prayer in public, but such a display carries the impression of arrogant self-righteousness and opens one up to easy accusations of hypocrisy, something even atheists can agree that Jesus was trying to avoid, according to scripture.

Very young children have not quite gained the understanding of social consequences. They understand how to avoid punishment but not how their own behavior can make other people feel about them for the long-term. They need to be guided toward seeing from the perspective of others.

Did you ever notice that certain people cannot be convinced that they are wrong about something until it happens directly to them or someone very close to them? Did you notice that they also tend to be religious conservatives? This is just some of the damage caused by replacing empathy training with prayer.