Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Rational Ugly Truth

When you think rationally you must take the truth, no matter how ugly. For instance, poverty is caused by overpopulation and the solution is control of the population. Thinning out resources to try and support everyone will wipe everyone out because the population always grows to around a third larger than the available resources.

This is due to a hardwired instinct for us to reproduce based on our perception of available resources and perception of opportunities, which are illusions engineered by free market capitalists solely for their own profit and not society as a whole.

As of this post's date and the fact that unemployment benefits are not being renewed by the U.S. Congress, you're probably getting a clue now. They must cut us off to keep us from making more babies but it's too little, too late. Now they must figure out how to take care of who is still around without being accused of genocide or euthanasia. Of course if the minimum wage goes up, even more babies...

When Ayn Rand wrote about Objectivism, it was distorted and misrepresented as a philosophy instead of simply being the truth about human behavior; that self-interest supersedes all ideology and that bias is inescapable, no matter how altruistic or objective you think you are.

We must accept that fact that there is always a difference between what people say and what people do, and that everyone is prone to deceiving even themselves. The primitive parts of the brain that control self-preservation and other urges are dominant, as evidenced by epidemic obesity, diabetes, abortions, birth control, unwanted pregnancies, crimes of survival, unemployment, etc.

Again, Ayn Rand's Objectivism is not really a philosophy, it's an ugly truth for most people. There are a few rare children who pass the Marshmallow Test and come out ahead of the crowd throughout their lives, but "Free Market Capitalism" cannot profit from having these types of personalities as the dominant class. The population, according to a successful capitalist society should succumb to their baser urges and immediate gratification. Go shopping!

The best way to exercise the primitive brain and energize primitive emotional materialistic hunger is through the empty promises of an unproven afterlife and unanswered prayers.

Instead of meditating to control their urges, or working to delay gratification until after thinking rationally, most people pray for things, and then aim their efforts and resources at trying to answer their own prayers.
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