Monday, September 16, 2013

Religion and Science Together? Really?

To be an Atheist is not only about rejecting theology, it’s a rejection of all the magical, irrational reasoning that goes along with it; all the magical, irrational reasoning that is applied to defining words in our dictionaries and subconscious psychological barriers that prevent us from making accurate scientific conclusions in research.

Religion has led us to accept ideas without thinking about them, such as the existence of a soul, (which was never proved,) and especially leading us to have expectations about the behavior or other people that put ourselves at risk of being duped or worse.

I recently heard that science and religion are working well together. This claim was not backed up by any evidence. I refute this claim and supply no evidence of my own because the burden of proof lies only with the claimant.

Religion only offers common sense derived from simple empathy, stolen repackaged laws and philosophy from other ancient cultures. The historical accounts in the Bible provide sparse and mostly inconclusive comparisons to other archaeological records. Most artifacts are found to be counterfeit when complete analysis is allowed.

The notion that religion in any way contributes to science is ridiculous. It barely if at all contributes to an accurate account of history. One who attempts association between religion and science should be aware that one is discrediting one’s self.

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