Friday, May 18, 2007

The Language of Dominion

One upon a time, reading and writing was a luxury to be experienced only by land and slave owners, but this is a basic fact in all cultures so many thousands of years ago. It was common then for conquering rulers to try completely erasing the language of the conquered and replacing it with their own.

But, one of the earliest giant leaps of human development before being able to depict three dimensional perspective, was the jump in language from iconic to symbolic representation, in other words, the giant leap from cave drawings through Egyptian hieroglyphs to alphanumeric expressions.

Thousands of years ago we had to adopt a common language for survival, but whose language? Remember, there were no public schools back then. Literacy was a privilege for those few who had amassed fortunes and had no need for work in the fields. They were the masters of slaves and the descendants of masters of slaves.

As the race for domination through proliferation of symbols and language was well underway three thousand years ago, along the way, symbols such as Egyptian Hieroglyphs were no longer used, replaced by the concept of a simple alphabet of symbols representing sounds people make to communicate meaning.

Instead of communicating the direct meaning of things through icons (a picture of a bird meaning a bird), we began to communicate using someone else’s symbols that showed how their mouth moved to make the sound they uttered which they taught us to mean something, like the word “Bird.”

They taught us this because they dominated us. Your language comes from some ancient king who commanded an army to slaughter your original tribe. Do you think that your language is still viable after so many thousands of years of human development? What other ridiculous notions did this king thrust upon your ancestors?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thinking of destruction?

The FBI is arresting people interested in causing severe death and destruction. Those who are considering such action should immediately cease all fantasies, dreams, emotions, notions, and hankering for chaos and destruction. If you’re working on a novel about 9/11 you better give up and burn your notes.

If anyone comes up to you and asks you if you want to buy guns or bombs, tell them “no thanks.”

Some men in Miami(1) were talking about blowing up the Sears Tower in Chicago, but nobody said who started the conversation. If you have a new member or members in your group who try to talk about committing crimes of any kind, you may have an agent provocateur(2) among you.

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune was published in the aftermath of the alleged terror plot against Fort Dix,

…authorities acknowledge that the case has underscored a troubling vulnerability in the domestic war on terrorism.”

“The primary threat now comes from an unknown number of people with no criminal background and few if any ties to militants overseas. In recent years, authorities have arrested about 60 people from the much larger pool of angry and disaffected people, charging them with terrorism, according to federal officials, many of them do not fit an easily identifiable profile.”(3)

It Looks like a resurgence of the paranoia from McCarthyism which coincidentally, “Threatens Michael Moore”(4)for his work on a new production called Sicko(5) about the healthcare industry in the United States.

Written in The Burlington County Times, “They were roofers, a taxi driver, a baker and a pizza deliveryman, apparently living the American dream in Philadelphia and on the tree-lined streets of suburban South Jersey.” (6) It’s implied that they could be your next door neighbor and it appears that a deliberate attempt to make the public frightened enough once again to vote Republican in 2008 is afoot.

(1) "Indictment: Suspects wanted to 'kill all the devils we can'"
(2)Agent Provocateur: Somebody employed to gain the trust of suspects and then tempt them to do something illegal so that they can be arrested and punished. (Encarta Dictionary: English)
(3)"FBI says domestic extremists big threat"
Josh Meyer, Tribune Newspapers; Chicago Tribune: 5/13/2007 page 3
(4)McCarthyism threatens Michael Moore