Friday, April 27, 2007

What happens in the mind of a non-believer?

Many psychologists believe that the human mind inherently behaves under the preconceived idea that there is an internal audience. Most people behave in private under the assumption that there are spirits or angels watching their every move, and every thought is believed by many to be spoken clearly in thought so as to be heard by God, angels, ancestral spirits, or aliens, in a private conversation called a prayer.

One can easily imagine yelling or whispering in thought, applying anthropomorphisms to their imagined self. Most people apply imaginary physical rules on their minds where none exist in reality, in effect, chaining themselves down to an imaginary floor, under intense imaginary gravity.

The internal audience that is widely accepted among psychologists is a product of generations of forced belief in omnipresent intelligent deities that eavesdrop on their lives. Most will take comfort in their government listening to their private conversations and exclaim “I have nothing to hide.”

What happens when one stops believing in such nonsense? The operational structure of thought changes entirely.

The thought processes that force internal decisions to be articulated in imaginary voices begins to fade and thinking becomes even faster than before. Symbols in the mind like so many roadblocks fade away. Soon you will be able to read without thinking of a voice speaking each word. I call it “losing the mental narrator.”

Some believe they never had a mental narrator in their head slowing down their reading skills. Once they start on the road to non-belief, they begin to realize it was there all along.

External behaviors change. The anthropomorphisms that are often attached to inanimate objects lose their luster. Aggression aimed at doors, walls, and objects underfoot soon fades away. Shaking one’s fists, while looking up at the ceiling, becomes pointless.

Cursing becomes useless as well, especially when there’s nobody around to empathize or be shocked. Energy that was once thought of as anger becomes proactive and productive.

The mind is released like birds to the sky. The internal psychological environment becomes flexible and more efficient. You begin to see things more clearly than ever before and you find that you can do more to change your world for the better.
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