Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Faith War

The Faith War is the struggle between groups for possession of mortal souls. The victory of the Faith War will precipitate the emergence of one leader for all the faithful followers, subservient conscripts, serfs, peasants and slaves*.

Atheism breaks down the structure of leadership and causes chaos. Everyone is treated equally. Most people would consider it Communism, but the model of Communism to which we have become familiar (the Soviet Union) failed because of corruption among the high communist party leaders.

The Pack Mentality of standard hierarchy is a naturally occurring neurological function among lower animals and primitive humans.

The feeling that one gets of entitlement, the emotion that one has earned a right or privilege beyond other members of the group is an inescapable consequence of primitive human organizational thought.

It is also an inescapable primitive thought to accept that others, who are perceived as leaders, have special rights and privileges.

The Atheists have escaped such primitive thoughts. If not, they are aware that such thinking exists. The concept of leadership is out the window because the very foundation of leadership is faith and belief.

*Slavery is condoned in most religious doctrine because the doctrine is old enough to date back to a time when slaves were considered lifestock.
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